With the marketplace so fast moving, we know category standout is critical for success. Our expertise in point of sale and product placement will help make sure you achieve it.

Supporting you end-to-end

Here at Core, service starts the moment we begin working together.

First, we get to know you and the ins and outs of your business. Then we put together a tailormade plan to help you and your customers make the most of Core products and services through expert merchandising, distribution and promotion.


Our experienced teams bring art, as well as science, to merchandising. It means your product displays don’t just look amazing – they deliver the very best results too.

Maximising category standout in-store

Our Core experts develop and place point of sale and product to ensure maximum standout for the category.

They also make sure that all POS material and products are restocked and refreshed at appropriate frequencies so they remain relevant at all times.


Timely, dependable retail distribution isn’t optional – it’s a must-have. Whatever your location, our sales experts will make sure you’re always stocked with the right products.

UK-wide reach and high frequency capability

Our 130-strong field sales force means UK-wide reach and the capability to offer high frequency services to high volume retailers.

We can also respond when delivery is time-critical.


At Core, we’re big on ideas. So we’re committed to exploring imaginative and creative ways to boost customer engagement and sales both locally and nationally.

Innovate, deliver and maximise sales

By delivering innovative, quarterly retail promotions, we maximise sales and keep categories fresh.

From targeted campaigns to nationwide mass market activities, every promotion is designed to reflect specific objectives.

Connect to consumers with our retail support