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Core is a leading wholesale supplier of SIM cards to other distributors working in both the UK and international markets.

Our size and scale make us the perfect partner

We’re the largest sub distributor of PAYG SIMs in the UK and have direct relationships with all UK mobile networks. That’s why we’ve become a preferred supplier of PAYG SIMs and related products to other UK distributors. And we have the capabilities to reach niche customer segments built around relationships and community groups.

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Serving distributors end-to-end

Our robust end-to-end service includes bulk shipment or stock on instant request, seamless flow of data files, daily SIM activation data and monthly commission payments. Supported by a wide range of products and unbeatable commercials, our value-added services help you grow your business.

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SIM cards for the world

The UK welcomes nearly 38 million* visitors each year, largely from Europe and North America. Whether it’s for holidays, visiting friends and family, business or education, great communications at local rates represent an attractive consumer opportunity. *2018 www.visitbritain.org


Number of visits to the UK from overseas


Total visitor expenditure in GBP per annum

7 nights

Average length of stay, enough to need a SIM card


Over 1 million SIM cards sold to tourists annually

The UK’s specialist for inbound visitors

Core’s experience and exclusive relationships with the travel and education sector cover all global regions. It means we can offer a comprehensive portfolio for UK inbound students and tourists. This can range from the delivery of SIM cards, Point of Sale, training and promotional materials through to our own staffed kiosks to help with group queries during the busy intake season.

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Retail distribution throughout the UK

SIM Brands we distribute wholesale

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